The Fraud Practice: Consulting Solutions

Fraud Assessment "Fraud Check Engagement". A one week engagement that will assess the effectiveness of a fraud solution and provide feedback and guidance on methods, techniques, tools, workflow and solutions to improve results.


Fraud Strategy Engagement. Typically a two to three week engagement focused on the design of a fraud solution and strategy to include defining the rules, policies, techniques, recommending vendors and business process flow to manage fraud risk.


Account Takeover (ATO) Audit. The Fraud Practice offers an account takeover (ATO) audit to quickly inspect 80-points of vulnerability, exposure and best practice protection as it relates to account takeover business risk in the e-commerce channel.


Solution/Service Market Assessment. Typically a two to three week engagement focused on the competitive positioning of a companies' services


Workflow Automation Assessment. A one week engagement focused on optimising operational efficiencies related to taking and processing orders from online and telephone channels.


Payment Type Optimisation Strategy. A one to two week engagement focused on the review of a company's current and proposed go-to-market strategy to determine best practice and optimal payment options that would maximise sale conversion while minimizing processing costs.


Cross Border International Payments & Fraud Strategy. A one to three week engagement focused on the review and optimisation of payment types and merchant account configuration related to taking international orders.


Data Analytics "Deep Dive Engagement". A one to four week engagement focused on performing detailed data analytics related to root cause analysis and or customer profiling for fraud and payment acceptance.