Bricon Associates Pte Ltd - Travel Insurance

Whether you are travelling on vacation or for business, have a peace of mind for yourself and your family with our travel insurance. Our travel insurers are from the leading insurance providers in Singapore, AXA and Tenet. In collaboration with Tenet and AXA, we are pleased to offer you flexible and comprehensive travel insurance, which allows you to not pay for whatever you do not need.


AXA Travel Insurance


Tenet Travel Insurance


We have two different types of basic cover, annual policy and single-trip policy, both having options in covering yourself and family. If you are a frequent traveller, you will save more with the annual policy. This covers you for throughout a year.


Our Travel Insurance provides you with coverage that even starts 3 hours before your trip begins, and even after your trip.


With little exclusions, our travel insurance provides help with just a phone call, even covering for natural disasters and emergency medical evacuation and support.